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You are wolf trying to find the moon behind thick fog. It's your last night in this cruel world and you must reach it until night ends. You need to avoid water, traps and obstacles like trees, branches and human made stuff. Remember to heal yourself with apples and collect various buffs from chests. Cross towns, fields, bridges and explore caves to find your way to moon.

How to play:

Goal of this game is to run as far as you can and collect as many points before dying.

  • You have to avoid various obstacles and traps
  • If player hits one of the obstacles - loses some health and speed, and has to accelerate again
  • Player has to collect health objects (apples) to regain health
  • Player has to collect power up objects (chests) to gain various buffs
  • You have to avoid running into water, because wolf will drown and die
  • Player has an ability to purchase skills with collected score
  • If you hit a wall from the fron, player will suffer 5 points of damage and will bounce back a few meters
  • Player will die if health points reach 0

Key features:

3 different events:

  • Village event - You'll find a village that is surrounded by water, and the only way to progress is to move through the city. Inside theres more obstacles to avoid - various carts and barells, so watch out!
  • River event - You'll find a river, that runs across the field. The only way to get over the river is through the brigde, because wolf can't swim
  • Cave event - In the field you might find a cave. Inside it theres less obstacles, so you can relax a bit and gain health easier.

5 skills:

  • Buff skill - On purchase buff activation becomes manual. This way you can avoid debuffs and gain only buffs!
  • Howl skill - On activation all the traps in the field disappear, so you can be safe for a little bit
  • Berserk skill - On activation, traps become less deadly and give extra points! Extra points for extra pain!
  • BreakGround skill - On activation a cave open under wolf! Now you can easily avoid running into water or hitting a wall!
  • SecondLife skill - On purchase player gains a permanent second life. With this, you don't have to worry even about death on your runs!

5 types of power ups:

  • Speed Up - Max running speed of wolf increases!
  • Double Score - Gives more points! Can be collected multiple times in a row to gain even bigger combo
  • Speed Down - Max running speed of wolf decreases to walking speed
  • Half Score - Gives only half points for a while!
  • No damage - Wolf does not take any damage from obstacles, but it stil can drown!

14 different types of achievements:

  • Take certain ammount of dammage in a single run
  • Take certain ammount of dammage in total from all the runs
  • Reach a certain death count
  • Don‘t take any damage for a while
  • Check high scores
  • Collect certain ammount of double score buff
  • Play this game for a while
  • Collect certain ammount of safe mode buff
  • Reach higher score combo
  • Score of a single run
  • Collect certain ammount of speed down buff
  • Collect certain ammount of speed up buff
  • Survive in veteran mode for a while
  • Reach Total score over certain ammount

Install instructions

  • Download zip
  • Extract to your preferable location
  • Open RCM.exe to start playing


RCMv0_6_16.zip 67 MB

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